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The plans to move the factory to larger production facility started to materialise since January 2015.

Increase in Turbocharger sales combined with Test Equipment sales has forced Maktest to find a solution and the management has decided to that the only solution for this problem was to move the factory to larger facility.

The suitable building with the adequate infrastructure has been found in Izmir Pancar Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. The preparations were finished within 2 months and the factory has been moved into new facility within 15 days after a careful planning.

The new Factory is established on 7500 m2 open area and has 3500 m2 production area. It offers great advantages for building custom machinery for OEM's and there is a new R&D center being established in the facility with Clean Room Standards.

The Turbocharger production capacity has already increased with introduction of new machining centers.

Maktest Engineering team is getting stronger with more qualified engineers joining our team in the control electronics, software and machine design.

Production management has also improved its capabilities with the introduction of MRP/ERP applications and more sophisticated CAM applications to utilise best of the multiple axis complex machining centers recently joined to our machine park.

All these improvements have been carefully planned since 2015 and implemented according to a long plan to carry Maktest into a better future, together with our customers.

We are hoping to grow together with our customers, and friends...

See you soon with more news from Maktest.



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