U1000 CAM Simulator is an economical but complete solution for testing todays even most complex EUI systems.

Let's start with the cam box design. U1000 uses UTS1004's famous, hassle free variable lift cam box. The patented design enables the users to change the lift of the cam from 10 mm to 18mm without draining oil, removing cam. All needed is to release 2 nuts and bolts and turn a knob to adjust the height. This practical design is preferred by many customers around the world in UTS1004 EUI-EUP test bench since 2008. The proven robust design is now available with U1000 Cam Simulator.

Next innovative feature with U1000 is that the BIP measurement is now applied to Caterpillar, Delphi and Detroit Diesel EUI's and EUP's. As everybody in the industry knows that BIP was introduced for Bosch EUI injectors as Beginning of Injection Period measurement. This parameter was helpful to determine the condition of the solenoid and assembly dimensions of the solenoid and control valve. U1000 now integrated this measurement to testing Caterpillar, Delphi and Detroit Diesel electronic unit injectors and pumps.

Another innovation comes together with U1000 is the nozzle response time measurement,  that is to measure the time difference between the start of injection cycle and the moment the injector actually starts delivering fuel. U1000 is equipped with a special sensor and a very high technology sensor processing unit to be able to detect the start of delivery moment within 4 µs precision. Nozzle Response Time measurement gives us the information regarding the plunger wear, control valve wear and nozzle wear.

Together with BIP and NRT, U1000 can be mounted on any standard Pump test bench with minimum 10 HP drive. Any glass tube measurement system will be more than enough to measure the delivery of the EUI's.

U1000's rich adapter selection covers all EUI systems exists today. The List Includes:

Caterpillar: 3114/3116 MUI; 3406E; 3508/35112/3516/3524; 4_PIN C13/C15/C18/C27; C10/C12/3176/3196; C13

Detroit Diesel: 8 mm.; Series 149; Series 60; Series 53 MUI; Series 71 MUI; Series 92 MUI.

Delphi: A0; A3; E-UP; E1; E3; E3.1; E3.18; E3.18C; LR

Bosch: UN-N2; UN-N3; UI-P 1.1; UI-P 1.1+; UI-P 1.3; UI-P 1.4; UI-P 1.5; UI-P 2; UP; UP-1

Cummins: HPI on ISX engines, HPI on QSK engines. (Requires additional Rail Kit).

U1000 Cam Simulator comes with standard cable and  hoses. Adapters for various known brand pump test benches are available on request.

U1000 Cam Simulator is now available on sale and orders have been started to ship from Maktest factory as of May 2017.







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