T6000 Common Rail Injector and Pump Tester is a new equipment especially designed for workshops and reconditioning centers who are in need of testing capacity to increase their daily output.

T6000 can test 6 high output CR injectors at the same time completing the test in less than 30 minutes. It can measure 2 injectors' deliveries and returns at the same time saving time in total test time significantly. The new construction allows wide space between the injectors to let users easily access to injector and its connections to save time during injector set up. The simple clamping mechanism newly developed by Maktest eliminates all tools but tightening the high pressure connection at the last step.

T6000 is a unique test tank structure to contain contamination, which is number one quality and cost issue for reconditioning centers. Usually more injectors tested at the same time means quicker contamination build up in the test bench, ruining whole test oil in the tank at once. T6000 divided tank structure eliminates the need for changing all test oil in the tank but only resting tank when the cleaning time comes for the test bench. 3 layers of filtration prevents the supply tank being contaminated while keeping all waste at the resting tank.

Another unique feature of T6000 is to allow the customers to choose which rail to test the injectors with. Customer may choose to mount the rail from the vehicle and run the injectors with its own rail and pump if needed. This feature also helps the reconditioning centers to use the original rail of the injectors in the production to be more precise in their measurements.

T6000 can test all electromagnetic and piezo injectors. Coding work for BOSCH injectors are completed and T6000 is equipped with all necessary features for today's and future coding requirements.

Pump testing is also another feature for T6000 and it allows to test Bosch CP1-CP2-CP3-CP4; Denso HP0-HP2-HP3; Caterpillar C4-C6; Delphi; Cummins XPI CR Pumps. 

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