MAKTEST | Independent solution provider for diesel injection repair systems.

Maktest Makina A.ş

All Makes Common Rail Injector Test Stand

Maktest with its large family extends from Korea to Brazil, Holland to South Africa our solutions is based upon,
> Simplicity
> Applicability
> Economy
Maktest invests in R&D for achieving the best solution for every repair work in Diesel Fuel Injection system around the world.
Our R&D teams together with our distributors, training centers are always focused on creating economical but high quality spare parts, test equipment and tooling.
Maktest training centers that are providing continuous technical support to our customers for repairing various diesel fuel injection systems are our key advantages over our competitors.
Maktest brand name represents a big family including our distributors and customers. We share all our knowledge and expertise with
 all of our family members.
Maktest family is a global knowledge base where all our customers can find the right answer to their problems.

Maktest is located in Kemalpasa Industrial Site near Izmir Turkiye.
Izmir is Turkiye's one of the largest industrial cities with drawing many multinational investments.
Maktest has an approximately 3000 m² total factory area. Maktest has ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system since 1998.


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