KO2700 HEUI BIP&NRT Measurement Upgrade Kit
  • KO2700 HEUI BIP&NRT Measurement Upgrade Kit

    KO2700 Upgrade kit for TK1024 Hydraulic Electronic Injector Test Bench

    KO2700 Upgrade is designed for measuring

    • BIP; Beginning of Injection Period; namely the time delay until the injector solenoid activation to start the injection cycle,
    • NRT; Nozzle Response Time; namely the time delay until the delivery of fuel from the nozzle.


    Both of these parameters play important role in determining the performance of the injector on the engine, eliminating all timing related problems when assembled on the engine


    BIP is basically related with solenoid condition and the assemby on solenoid over the injector poppet valve control group. The solenoid's current leakage may result in extensive delay to cause the injector to go into injection cylce much later than its design requirements. Similarly the assembly of the solenoid with respect to air gap and valve stroke settings may cause the solenoid to act delayed or earlier than the design requirements. BIP measurement during test helps to diagnose solenoid related problems.


    NRT is related with intensifier piston operation and nozzle spring tension setting. In the case of intensifier piston leakage or sieze the delay in intensifier piston will cause the delivery of fuel from the nozzle delayed. Similarly the nozzle spring setting being too soft or tight will cause earlier or later start of delivery. Each case will have significant delays in start of fuel delivery and cause timing related problems in the engine operation.


    KO2700's ability to measure BIP and NRT will help you determine the timing performance of the HEUI injector and diagnose the location of the problem being either on the solenoid assembly or intensifier piston/nozzle assembly group. 


    Fuel delivery tolerances usually too broad to discover such timing related problems, causing the problems to be detected only after mounted on the engine, causing returns from the customers.


    KO2700 will help you to increase customer satisfaction and improve your trust in your repair procedures.

    • Electrical Requirements

      100-240 AC 50/60 Hz Universal Single Phase

    • Package Content

      • Injector Drive Cable Set
      • NRT Sensor Integrated Delivery Collectors
      • NRT Sensor Cable
      • Power Supply Cable (European Plug)
      • Industrial USB Cable