KO4000.Computer Aided Assembly System
  • KO4000.Computer Aided Assembly System

    Complete Solution to an Impossible Problem

    KO4000 Computer Aided Assembly System gives the ability to assemble the injector once and for all, eliminating the trial and error procedure. Its precision measuring unit and special tools work together with a special software that instructs the user what to do at each step of the repair and assembly process including calculating the exact adjustment shim thickness to be used.
    KO4000 is ready for repairing below injector groups:

    Common Rail Injectors:

    Bosch CRI 1.0 - 2.0 - 2.1 - 22- 2.18,

    Bosch CRIN 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0,

    Denso G2


    HEUI Injectors

    Caterpillar C7-C9 Injectors


    EUI Injectors

    Caterpillar C15-3406-C10-3500


    Eliminates the Trial and Error

    KO4000 Computer Aided Assembly System is the most advanced equipment to eliminate the trial and error in the electronic injector repair process. System is capable to calculate adjustment shim thickness at each step within micron accuracy. The control software displays the calculated adjustment shim thicknesses together with assembly instructions at each step of the repair.


    No Expert Needed!

    Repairing Electronic Injectors is not a specialist's business anymore. KO4000 eliminates the experience and expertise needed to assemble the  Electronic Injectors.


    Increase your Productivity

    KO4000 Computer Aided Assembly System speeds up and simplifies the repair process. Repair procedure becomes safer with the accuracy and instructions provided by the KO4000 CARS control software.


    Assemble 6 Injectors at the same time!

    KO4000 software instructs to assemble 6 injectors all at once, improving your production capacity all by itself.


    • Utility Requirement

      Power Supply

      220V 50/60 Hz Single Phase

      Air Supply

      min 5 bar, min 1m3/min Flow, dry and oil free


    • Dimensions

      KO4000 Dimensions

      Width 1700 mm

      Depth 820 mm

      Height 1930 mm

      Weight 200 kg



      Width1500 mm

      Depth 900 mm

      Height 1330 mm

      Weight 260 kg