PT2012.b.Universal Mechanical Pump Test Bench
  • PT2012.b.Universal Mechanical Pump Test Bench

    Powerful Drive System

    Special design 20 HP AC motor providing high torque at low speed.

    Standart flywheel has the moment ofinertia of 1.0 kgm2. 


    The ��110 mm coupling ensures your safety with its durable and strong design and provides reliable testing of the new technology high- pressure output fuel injection pumps.


    Traditional Maktest Measuring Console

    Measuring console provides a swing of 180 degree around the pump mounting bed and the 2-axis motion on the swinging arm helps to mount various kind of pumps and systems for test. Jack up can adjust the height of the console as needed.



    Lube Oil Option
    Voltage Options
    • Technical Specifications

      Drive System 15 kW AC Motor with electronic control
      Speed Range 40-4000 Rpm.
      Flywheel 1.0 Kg.m2
      Test Oil Transfer 4.0 bar/ 60psi
      Test Oil Tank 50 L
      Cooling System Water


    • Standard Accessories and Attachments


      • 12 PCS TEST INJECTORS (12SD12 ISO 4010)

      • 8 PCS TEST PIPE 6x2x12x600 (1 680 750 014)

      • 8 PCS TEST PIPE 6x2x14x600 (1 680 750 089)

      • 6 PCS TEST PIPE 6x2x12x840 (1 680 750 017)

      • QUICK ACTION CLAMP for inline pump

      • Various size and height inline pump brakets (100-97-106 mm)

    • Utility Requirement

      Electricity 360-415 V AC 50/60 hz 3 Phase
      Air Supply Min 5 bar, dry and water free
      Water Supply 2.0 - 4.0 bar max 20 ��C ( 68 ��F)


    • Dimensions

      Machine Dimensions:

      Width: 1915 mm
      Depth: 980 mm
      Height: 1800 mm
      Weight: 850 kg

      Packing Dimensions:

      Width: 2150 mm
      Depth: 1080 mm
      Height: 1080 mm
      Weight: 980 kg

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