PT2012.CRe Mechanical & Common Rail Pump Test Bench

PT2012.CRe Mechanical & Common Rail Pump Test Bench



PT2012.CRe is one of the well proven Mechanical Test Benches in the market. With its capability to test Common Rail Pumps, it sets a distance to its competitors and proves itself investment worthy.




Testing common rail pumps are becoming tough with each new generation of common rail systems. More precise pressure controls, precise metering along with very precise speed control is now required for testing new generation CR pumps.








PT2012.CRe is designed to be able to test all types of CR Pumps, including:


Caterpillar C4- C6

  • Denso HP0
  • Bosch CP2
  • Bosch CP4
  • Cummins 




PT2012.CRe's has 2 metering sensors to measure 2 injector outputs at the same time. This feature helps PT2012.CRe to complete a test of a 6 cylinder inline pump in about 15 min. 



It is delivered with all necessary adapters to test:


  • Bosch Inline and Rotary type pumps (except H, VP33, VP44)
  • Delphi- Lucas Rotary and Inline Pumps (Except Dp200 series and similar semi electronic pumps)
  • Denso (Except Semi Electronic Governor controlled TICs and alike*)


*If the pumps' controller is obtained, the pumps are tested on PT2012.CRe.



When Testing Common Rail Pumps "Advanced Manuel Testing mode" allow the operator to control all CR pump actuators and design a completly unique test plan. This new feature therefore permits the users to design custom test steps to investigate various problems that can not be detected with standard test steps.



PT2012.CRe is shipped with standard accessories for testing:



  • Bosch CP1-CP3 
  • Delphi (1st Generation)
  • Denso HP3


Please ask for accessory packages for testing all other Common Rail Pumps.




  • Technical Specifications

    High Pressure System

    HP Pump Motor 15 kW. Speed Control between 50-3500 rpm.
    Max Pressure 2200 bar
    Pressure Regulator Bosch

    Test Oil Supply System

    Tank 50 L
    LP Supply Pump 9 L/min, max 10 bar
    Heater 2kW
    Cooling System Air Cooled, 4 L/min �_�T= - 5 ��C between 40- 50 ��C

    Lube Oil Supply System

    Tank  24 L
    Lube Oil Pump 9 L/min, max 10 bar
    Filter 100 ε mesh


    HP Sensor Bosch 2200 bar (on the rail) 1 bar Resolution, 1% Accuracy.
    Flow Sensor Gear Type; 0-4000 mm3/rev, 1 mm3/rev Resolution, 1% Accuracy.
    LP Supply Pressure 0-10 bar, 0.1 bar Resolution, 0,1% Accuracy
    LP Return Pressure 0-10 bar, 0.1 bar Resolution, 0,1% Accuracy
    Lube Oil Pressure 0-15 bar, analogue, 7% Accuracy
    Temperature 15-120 ��C, 0.1��C Resolution, 1% Accuracy


    Processor Dual Core 1.86 Ghz or X5 28350 1.44 Ghz
    RAM 2 GB
    HD SSD 64 GB
    Monitor 15" Touch Screen /Wide
    OS Windows 10


    Electricity 360-415 VAC 3 ph, 50 or 60 hz.
    Air Supply min 5 bar, min 10L/min, dry and oil free


  • Dimensions

    Machine Dimensions:

    Width: 1580 mm
    Depth: 840 mm
    Height: 1570 mm
    Weight: 670 kg

    Packing Dimensions:

    Width: 1880 mm
    Depth: 1000 mm
    Height: 1770 mm
    Weight: 800 kg