SM4000 Adjustment Shim Grouping Center
  • SM4000 Adjustment Shim Grouping Center

    The shims taken off the injectors usually will not be used in the same injector after some parts are replaced. Those shims you have collected are now easy to group with ranges varying between 2 to 10 µ.


    SM4000 Adjustment Shim Grouping Center is designed for measuring shim thickness and group them into containers to use direcly in the assembly of the injectors.


    Sliding measuring seat allows to measure with precision, at the same time fast operation.


    Universal Tool allows to measure all sizes of adjustment shims as well as spacers plungers etc upto 20 mm thickness.


    Main benefit for SM4000 is to let you re use the shims without wasting time.


    The intuitive software design groups the shims into selected range and show the user which container to put on the screen. Graphical presentation helps to avoid any mistakes and provides faster operation. 


    Software also provides information to check how many total shims are placed and which container has how many shims at any step of the grouping session.

    The end of session report gives all the details and sofware also allows to print labels for each container.




    • Which Shims?

      Common Rail, EUI, EUP adjustment shims, from Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Caterpillar, Cummins

    • Measurement Repeatability


    • Measurement Cycle Time

      6 s

    • Air Pressure Needed

      4 bar

    • Electricity Needed

      110-240 AC single phase 50/60 hz

    • Computer Needed

      Computer is not included. Minimum Requirement:

      Processor: Intel® Celeron® J1900 2,0 GHz @2,42 GHz 

      RAM: 4 GB M2

      HDD: SSD (64 GB/128 GB)

      Screen: 15" (recommended)