TK1024.Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector Tester
  • TK1024.Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector Tester

    NEW MODEL                                                                                                                                                  

    Higher Pressure....

    New Hydraulic System is capable to provide 300 Bar Test Oil Pressure at max 4 L/min flow rate.


    Standard Test Oil...

    Use ISO4113 to test HEUI injectors with precision.


    Automatic High Pressure Setting...

    New Hydraulic System sets pressure automatically, testing continues without interruption.


    Much Faster Testing.... No need to attend testing....

    New control application and automatic high pressure testing eliminates the need for an operator to stand and observe testing. HEUI injectors are now tested just like Common Rail Injectors, uninterrupted till the end of the test.


    PD FlowMeter for more accuracy and repeatability

    New Metering System response time is less than 3 s and it is the key factor behind the fast testing. The metering system has resolution of 0,3 mm3 with 0.5% FS Accuracy Level, making TK1024.03 the most accurate test bench in the market.


    Temperature Control with Intelligent Pump Control Module

    New Control Application controls the pump speed according to flow demand to minimize the return of high temperature flow to the tank. As a result new TK1024.03 has heating demand more than cooling demand.




    Convenient set-up for testing

    Sleeve adapters for various HEUI injectors are designed to arrange faster set-up for testing. Horizontal layout, allows easier assembly for testing and better view of injector spray.


    Flushing Tank

    It is important to drain the engine oil in the injector during the first step of the test, to a different tank to keep the test oil tank clean. Filthy Engine oil in the injector can easily contaminate the test oil tank and cause to change the test oil more frequently. However TK1024 has a flushing tank and reminds the operator to flush the injector before starting to test the injector. Therefore the Test oil tank remains clean longer period of time. 

    Additionaly Flushing tank has a level switch to warn the operator and stop testing if the flushing tank is full. 


    New Control Application and Test Plan Editing Features

    New Application allows the user to create new test plans based on the Generic Test plans. The user can also modify Signal parameters that allows to create different test modes to detect various problems of HEUI Injectors.


    Important Test Parameters to understand the assembly conditions of HEUI Injectors:

    • BIP; Beginning of Injection Period; namely the time delay until the injector solenoid activation to start the injection cycle,
    • NRT; Nozzle Response Time; namely the time delay until the delivery of fuel from the nozzle.


    Both of these parameters play important role in determining the performance of the injector on the engine, eliminating all timing related problems when assembled on the engine


    BIP is basically related with solenoid condition and the assemby on solenoid over the injector poppet valve control group. The solenoid's current leakage may result in extensive delay to cause the injector to go into injection cylce much later than its design requirements. Similarly the assembly of the solenoid with respect to air gap and valve stroke settings may cause the solenoid to act delayed or earlier than the design requirements. BIP measurement during test helps to diagnose solenoid related problems.


    NRT is related with intensifier piston operation and nozzle spring tension setting. In the case of intensifier piston leakage or sieze the delay in intensifier piston will cause the delivery of fuel from the nozzle delayed. Similarly the nozzle spring setting being too soft or tight will cause earlier or later start of delivery. Each case will have significant delays in start of fuel delivery and cause timing related problems in the engine operation.


    BIP and NRT will help you determine the timing performance of the HEUI injector and diagnose the location of the problem being either on the solenoid assembly or intensifier piston/nozzle assembly group. 


    Fuel delivery tolerances usually too broad to discover such timing related problems, causing the problems to be detected only after mounted on the engine, causing returns from the customers.


    • Dimensions

      Machine Dimensions:

      Width: 930 mm

      Depth: 650 mm

      Height: 1690 mm

      Weight: 270 kg


      Packing Dimensions:

      Width: 1090 mm

      Depth: 860 mm

      Height: 1890 mm

      Weight: 360 kg

    • Technical Specifications


      High Pressure Circuit Specs

      HP Pump 9 L/min; Gear Pump
      Max Pressure 200 bar
      HP Regulator



      Low Pressure Circuit Specs

      LP Pump Electric Pump, 4 L/min
      Max Pressure 4 bar
      LP Regulator Manual



      High Pressure 0-300 bar; Digital
      Low Pressure 0-6 bar; Digital
      Flow Positive Displacement; 2 - 200 mm3/Stroke; Digital
      Temperature 10- 160 ��C; Digital


    • Utilities

      Electricity Requirement

      360-415 Vac 3 phase 50 Hz.

      100- 240 Vac 1 phase 50/60 Hz for electronics and computer.


      Air Supply

      No need air supply.