UTS1004 Electronic Unit Injector and Unit Pump Test Bench
  • UTS1004 Electronic Unit Injector and Unit Pump Test Bench

    UTS1004 is the all makes Unit Injector and Unit Pump Test Bench. Currently more than 1000 units actively being used in 75 different countries, prooving its wide range capability and effectiveness.



    Adjustable Cam Stroke 

    provides testing being as close to as standard working conditions of the injector. Internal pressure level maintains same as when running on the engine, creating a similar condition like in the engine and allowing the delivery to be compatible to the engine conditions. 

    UTS1004 patented Cam Box design, allows to set the cam stroke without 

    • draining oil,
    • removing cam
    • adjusting timing

    It only takes turning a knob a few times to set the cam stroke. 


    Wide Application Range; from Caterpillar to Continental VDO

    UTS1004 has the technical infrastructure to test 

    • Caterpillar EUI: 3406E; C15; C10;C11;C12;C13;C18; 3116 MEUI, 3500 MEUI; 3500E.
    • Cummins: Celect N14/M11/M11+; HPI (ISX and QSK); K-STC;
    • Bosch EUI/EUP all types.
    • Delphi: A0; A3; E1; E3; F2P
    • Detroit Diesel: all types.
    • Continental VDO all types.


    SRT Measurement

    UTS1004 is capable to measure the Solenoid Response Time. SRT value determines the condition of the solenoid, assembly of the control valve with the spring tension and valve stoke. SRT value determines the timing of the delivery and thus relates to many problems such as smoke at accelleration and idling problems.


    Easy User Interface with Test Plan Create and Calibrate Function

    UTS1004 user interface provides all the necessary data on the test screen readily availible for the user to decide the condition of the injector. The software allows the use to create different test plans. Software help user to keep the test plan target values calibrated with its automatic calibration feature. 

    • Dimensions

      Machine Dimensions:

      Width: 1200 mm

      Depth: 800 mm

      Height: 1830 mm

      Weight: 590 kg


      Packing Dimensions:

      Width: 1390 mm

      Depth: 1080 mm

      Height: 1970 mm

      Weight: 700 kg

    • Utilities

      Electricity Requirement

      360-415 Vac 3 phase 50/60 Hz.

      Transformer must be used when local supply is 200-240 3 phase 60 hz.


      100- 240 Vac 1 phase 50/60 Hz for electronics and computer.


      Air Supply

      Min 5 bar, oil and water free @6L/min flow.

    • Technical Specifications

      Mechanical Equipment

      Main Motor  7.5 kW
      Speed Control AC Drive: 100 to 1200 rpm
      Cam Box Universal Profile, stroke set between 10 and 18 mm.


      Test Oil Transfer System

      Tank 30 L
      Pump 4 L/min; gear type
      Supply Pressure 0-25 bar; manually adjusted
      Return Pressure 0-6 bar; manually adjusted
      Test Oil Heater 2kW
      Test Oil Cooler

      Air Cooled, with -5 °C/min with 4L/min transfer; usin

      a seperate transfer pump




      Gear Type Flowmeter; max capacity 1000 mm3/str

      digitally displayed as graph mm3/str vs time


      ±10µs accuracy with respect to real BIP,

      digitally displayed as graph SRT Value (µs) vs test time

      Inlet Pressure 0-25 bar, digitally displayed



      0-6 bar, digitally displayed



      10-160 °C digitally displayed



      10-160 °C digitally displayed